Have you been sensing a need to connect with “Heaven”?  If so, this website is here to provide you with some great tools.

Imagine having a 5-minute meeting with PERFECTION, however, the only way to communicate with PERFECTION is through your spirit, you can’t “see” or “hear” PERFECTION outside of your spirit.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have some sort of spiritual “hearing aids” in order to do this?  We simply need to overcome the obstacles of our personal logic and reason, and any negative perspectives of our spiritual capabilities.  We need to overcome everything and everyone that tells us that we’re not spiritual beings.  Looking to the spiritual experiences of others, to rabbis, priests, pastors, spiritual gurus or youtube vids is far easier than nurturing our own spirituality, but our rewards are commensurate to our efforts.  Most people are experiencing very marginal spiritual rewards, and many don’t even know what spiritual rewards are available to them, there is a more excellent way.

A middle-aged person, I’m guessing late 50’s or early 60’s expressed how she really wished that she could become more of a spiritual person, she loved to read and hear of the beauty of the spiritual world, but feeling or sensing any kind of love from Heaven was foreign to her.  I love meeting people like this.  I’ve always identified with sincere and honest people who are looking for true spirituality, these types usually don’t fit into any of the current religious streams but often attend meetings for the social interaction.  Many souls bounce through synagogues, churches, and mosques in search of their Divine Connection and inner peace, but feel that there’s so much more for them.

This is the reason for this website.  The Empirical Truth of the matter is that every human being is equipped with a “god-like” spiritual nature, we know this because of manifold witnesses and testimony.  The only reason a person would disbelieve their own nature is that they’ve adopted a static academic or materialistic perspective of their own existence.  Every “occurrence” of a human being, is also an “occurrence” of a unique, one of a kind, individual spirit.

One of the most powerful things that one human can do for another is to help “decode” the voice of PERFECTION within their spirit, which is accomplished by a three-way conversation with PERFECTION.  A spiritual “gate” opens into the person’s spirit, a very wonderful and beautiful experience and I’ve never yet met someone who wanted to connect but couldn’t.

If you are in a place where you want to grow your spiritual nature then it’s no accident that you are reading this now.  Send a message.